Tank Monitoring
If you subscribe to our tank monitoring and keep full service, Johnson Oil makes this promise...

If your tank runs dry on our watch, we’ll fill it for free. Guaranteed.

The greatest advantage of a Johnson Oil tank monitor is the flexibility.
You can determine your own tank thresholds, limit off season deliveries, have access to your tank readings and be notified of events regarding your tank's status.
The addition of a tank monitor is extremely easy...
Simply plugs into your current gauge with little or no modifications.
Orchid Room
An integral magnet firmly attaches the monitor to your tank.
cellular tank unit
The CTU "cellular tank unit" itself is a self contained,weather proof unit, utilizing a battery for power and cellular service for communication. No external power or phone line is needed.
A tank monitor should deliver a higher level of service - not less.
Johnson Oil can ensure this by:
  • Not affiliating with other parties to dispatch and deliver our products.
  • Still being available for will call service today, not tomorrow, no matter what your monitor says.
  • You being able to talk to a real person that wants to help you.

You own the fuel in YOUR tank.  Why would you let another party dictate how you use your storage? There is no “buyout” should you decide to discontinue deliveries from Johnson Oil.  Simply notify us and the monitor can be removed asap.

* Tank Monitors are provided at no cost granted a minimum gallonage thru put is required.
** If your current tank gage isn’t able to interface with the monitor,there may be a charge for parts.

Customers can also have access to their own tank levels via mytankreadings.com and can be automatically notified by email of critical events.

mytankreadings report
alert text message

Johnson Oil monitors your tank level 24/7/365 through online reporting. Should the battery become weak, a warning or critical level threshold be breached, a draw or a fill event occur, we’re notified and spring into action!