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Home heating, green house, livestock, crop drying and more

You can contract your winter needs to lock in a price that fits your budget, buy as you need it, prepay for your propane at a discount, or customize a plan that works for you. Call us anytime- we can help!

Farm Agricultural Use livestock, crop drying & more
Home Residential Use appliances, heating & more

Johnson Oil Propane Programs

  • Get a Summer Fill

    Take advantage of a summer fill, typically the seasonal low in price and save!
  • Keep Fill Delivery

    It’s at no additional charge and ensures you won’t have an out of gas situation for lack of checking your tank. We’ll top off your tank in the months of November, December, January, and February to make sure you make it through the cold of winter. Livestock producers, that may have high usage rates, ask about a weekly keep full program.  All Keep fill delivery accounts must be in good credit standing. Our Keep fill delivery program can be contracted gallons or billed open market.
  • Contract Program

    Allows the customer to pre-purchase gallons for the fall and winter season. Contracting gallons will have two options to pre-pay for all gallons or pay-as-you-pull and be billed after each delivery. Conditions do apply to contracts as they are legally-binding and the customer is expected to take delivery for the number of gallons contracted. Contract gallons are non-transferrable.
  • Budget Program

    The Budget program is a monthly payment plan. We help you estimate your gallons and average a price for the heating season, then set up equal monthly payments instead of one lump sum.
  • Ask about our flexible billing and payment options

    We can bill you by email if you wish, pay by ACH, or set up a budget billing program for you for your convenience. We can customize a plan for you.
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