Johnson Oil your local supplier for Propane

Johnson Oil prides itself on providing a high level of customer service. We offer the following programs with the ability to customize to fit your needs more closely.

Agricultural Use livestock, crop drying & more
Residential Use appliances, heating & more

Johnson Oil Propane Programs

  • Get a Summer Fill

    Take advantage of a summer fill, typically the seasonal low in price and save!
  • Keep Full Delivery

    Put the responsibility of keeping your tank full in our hands; by selecting our keep full program. We will gladly come top off your tank November thru March to ensure you never run out. This program comes at no cost to you with an added benefit of security….

    The Johnson Oil Promise If you are a member of the Keep Full program, and your tank runs empty while on our watch. Johnson Oil will fill your tank for free.

    Livestock producers, that may have high usage rates, ask about a weekly keep full program.  All Keep full delivery accounts must be in good credit standing. Our Keep full delivery program can be contracted gallons or billed open market.
  • Contract Program

    Allows the customer to pre-purchase gallons for the fall and winter season. Contracting gallons will have two options to pre-pay for all gallons or pay-as-you-pull and be billed after each delivery. Conditions do apply to contracts as they are legally-binding and the customer is expected to take delivery for the number of gallons contracted. Contract gallons are non-transferrable.
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