Johnson Oil and LP Company Policies
Johnson Oil and LP Policies
  • Out of Gas Policy

    Filling tanks that have had an interruption in service can create dangerous situations by introducing fuel into a system that may be faulty. Faulty systems may include leaks, failure of the gas shutoff systems, disconnected appliances or systems that may have been otherwise altered by the customer. Therefore, the following procedures will be followed: Read More
  • Change of home ownership

    We must do a GAS check and leak test on all properties that have a change in residence, or change in ownership. This also includes rental properties.
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Payment Terms and Options
  • Prepayment

    You can prepay for gallons you wish to contract for winter delivery which is offered at a discount.
  • ACH Draft

    Johnson Oil can draft your checking account with your bank’s information.
  • Credit Card

    We now offer credit card payment via Visa or Mastercard. All fees are quoted and billed at cash price. Any credit or debit card payments of over $500.00 will be assessed an additional 3% service fee.
  • Terms

    Outstanding balances incur an 18% finance charge annually. Invoices are billed out at cash price.
  • Leak Checks

    Leak checks are highly recommended for your propane system to insure the safety of your home or business. Any leaks and repairs needed would incur charges.
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Note: Above delivery and payment policies are subject to change at any time without notice to customer