Johnson Oil and LP Company Policies

Out of Gas Policy

Filling tanks that have had an interruption in service can create dangerous situations by introducing fuel into a system that may be faulty. Faulty systems may include leaks, failure of the gas shutoff systems, disconnected appliances or systems that may have been otherwise altered by the customer. Therefore, the following procedures will be followed:

  • If no one is home when a delivery is attempted or the system and appliances are not accessible, the gas supply will not be turned on. The system will be secured to prevent it from being turned on and notice will be left for the customer to contact Johnson Oil & L.P. Co., so that the test and service can be performed.
  • If the customers call to report that they are completely out of gas, Johnson Oil & L.P. Co. personnel will instruct them to close the valve at the tank or the main shut off valve located in the fuel line and all appliance valves.
  • Johnson Oil & L.P. Co. will make arrangements for the customer to be home for a leak test and return to service. Johnson Oil & L.P. Co. will let them know that gas will not be introduced into the system until the test and service can be performed by Johnson Oil personnel.
  • Upon arriving at the customer’s location, Johnson Oil & L.P. Co. personnel will make sure the tank or cylinder and all appliance valves are closed and there are no open or disconnected lines. Johnson Oil & L.P. Co. will make certain by personal inspection.
    1. Fill the tank or replace the cylinders
    2. Open the tank or cylinder valve and perform a leak test.
    3. Record the leak test results.
    4. Do a visual inspection of the system and put all appliances back into service.
    5. Make sure that all pilot lights are operating properly and check automatic controls to make sure they are operating properly.

Note: There may be additional charges for this service.