Johnson Oil and LP Company Policies

If you smell propane

IMMEDIATELY call Johnson Oil & L.P. Company from a telephone away from the area of the leak.

Inside a building

  1. Extinguish all smoking materials, open flames, or sources of ignition.
  2. Do not use ANY electrical switches, appliances, thermostats, or telephones while exiting the building or moving away from the leak.
  3. Close the shutoff valve on the propane tank/container. It will be under the tank lid on top of the tank or on one of the ends of the tank. Turn the valve clockwise to close.
  4. Even if you do not continue to smell gas, DO NOT REENTER the building or reopen the supply valve on the tank until a service technician arrives to find the leak. He will be dispatched immediately to your location.
  5. DO NOT attempt to repair the leak yourself and only return inside when cleared by the repair technician.

Outside the building

  1. Extinguish all ignition sources, open flames, cigarettes, vehicles.
  2. Close supply valves on any propane tanks in the area.
  3. Remain clear of area you smell gas leaking.
  4. Do you hear gas escaping? Has there been any recent construction? Where?
  5. A repair technician will be dispatched immediately to your address. DO NOT attempt to repair leak yourself.